In order to improve it services, Fardis Niroo Shiraz Company,as one of the electrical engineering service provider companies, has followed ISO 9001-2000 standard. The company announces its policy as the following:
  • Customer Satisfaction (through recognition and understanding the customers’ needs and expectation with minimum error rate)
  • Increasing Efficiency (at all organizational levels through constant training of employees)
  • Personnel Satisfaction and Engagement (through establishing appropriate facilities and atmosphere for them)
  • Commitment to Continuous and Effective Improvement in Organization Management System Quality (through the developing and measuring organization’s quality objectives)
Work Scope:
All activities in electrical engineering services within the quality management system application are in Fardis Niroo Shiraz Company work scope.
Some international activities:
  1. Member of ILO (International Labour Organization)
  2. Member of EFMD (European Foundation for Management Developement)
  3. Member of JSRS (Oman Oil and Gas Industry’s Joint Supplier Registration System)
  4. Member of CFICI (Chambre Franco-Iranienne du Commerce et d’industrie)