In order to improve it services, Fardis Niroo Shiraz Company,as one of the electrical engineering service provider companies, has followed ISO 9001-2000 standard. The company announces its policy as the following:
+ Customer Satisfaction (through recognition and understanding the customers’ needs and expectation with minimum error rate)
+ Increasing Efficiency (at all organizational levels through constant training of employees)
+ Personnel Satisfaction and Engagement (through establishing appropriate facilities and atmosphere for them)
+ Commitment to Continuous and Effective Improvement in Organization Management System Quality (through the developing and measuring organization’s quality objectives)

Work Scope:
All activities in electrical engineering services within the quality management system application are in Fardis Niroo Shiraz Company work scope.

Some international activities:
* Member of ILO (International Labour Organization)
* Member of EFMD (European Foundation for Management Developement)
* Member of JSRS (Oman Oil and Gas Industry’s Joint Supplier Registration System)
* Member of CFICI (Chambre Franco-Iranienne du Commerce et d’industrie)


Recent Executed Projects